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Brand Profile

Born in Spain with an enchanting form, ARTĒ signifies art permeated with pronounced augmentations of passion, noble glamour and vogue. In Spanish, ARTĒ means art, the way in which people express their ideas, feelings and novelty. It signifies a word of faith, passion and intelligence. ARTĒ's design philosophy inscribes love, possession and livelihood, which naturally reveal an exquisite blend between classic designs and modern craftsmanship fit for any occasion and attire.

Each jewellery from ARTĒ resembles works-of-art, which expresses sensation and creativity. Each piece is unique in its own. With ARTĒ, the unique and fashionable character of each individual is fully revealed on any occasion. This is exactly the philosophy of ARTĒ.


With origins from Madrid, Spain, ARTĒ was founded by a craftsman specializing in the creation of jewelleries for the affluent. This century-old skill and craftsmanship continues to be practiced by ARTĒ up till today.

In view of the constraints posed by natural gemstones in jewellery designs, ARTĒ was committed to the development of new materials. In the late 1990s, breakthrough was achieved with the successful development of a new synthetic gemstone at our Swiss laboratory. When ARTĒ was debuted at Vicenza, Italy with a variety of jewellery collections crafted with synthetic gemstones in the year 2000, stir of excitement was aroused. Since then, ARTĒ has become a sought-after jewellery brand among the royal family of Spain and celebrities. In view of our great success, ARTĒ finally set up its first retail store in 2002.

Up till today, ARTĒ, considered as one of the leaders in the fashion jewellery industry, operates near 70 shops in Europe, Greater China and other parts of Asia with more to come very soon.



Time honoured craftsmanship from the contemporary to the renaissance is witnessed in every ARTĒ jewel. To break the barriers of natural restrictions in the design of jewellery with traditional gemstones, ARTĒ employs new generation synthetic gemstones from Switzerland, which combine scientific crafting techniques complemented with excellent quality assurance standards.


ARTĒ employs 925 sterling silver with Rhodium-plated, Gold-plated, Rose gold-plated or Ruthenium-plated. With our tailor-made service, you may choose your preferred colour combination with no extra charges. Please enquire our staff for more details.


ARTĒ's library of gemstones consists of 29 colours that can be evolved into over 3,000 colour combinations, thereby creating a kaleidoscope of jewellery collections that are both vibrant and glamorous.


Each iconic piece from ARTĒ is meticulously designed by renowned European jewellery designers and handcrafted by skilled pioneers that bring together conventional and innovative workmanship.

As a century-old tradition, each work-of-art from ARTĒ is completely handcrafted by experienced craftsmen with exquisite sculpting and finishing skills.